Anti-H&K poster appears around Nottingham

HK - Not in Nottingham!

HK - Not in Nottingham!

A poster opposing Nottingham-based arms company Heckler & Koch has appeared at various locations around the city. The poster is the work of a mysterious local artist known only as Questionmarc, and was designed as “a subliminal awareness raiser that the corrupt firm continues to operate from our city.”

The poster features a picture of the rooster troubadour Alan-a-Dale from Disney’s animated Robin Hood film, but instead of holding his traditional lute, he is holding a Heckler & Koch assault rifle. He stands atop the red HK logo, under which are the words “NOT IN NOTTINGHAM” (the refrain of a lament that he sings in the film).

These posters have appeared on street furniture, walls and doors, near roads, bridges and historic locations around the city. Try to spot one when you’re out and about! And if you’re thinking of downloading the poster below, printing it out and putting some up around town, just remember that flyposting is a crime!

For more pictures, visit Questionmarc’s website.

Anti-Heckler & Koch poster by Questionmarc

3 comments to Anti-H&K poster appears around Nottingham

  • Bryan

    Exactly what is wrong with arms trade? I under the verbiage used is meant to evoke negative feeling and reactions, but this is a legal business, selling their products legally. Why not protest illegal mineral mining in Uganda that is resulting in the mass rape of women. I know, its because YOU use those material in your inocuous cell phones, and laptops.

    • Evey

      This company sells weapons to dictatorial regimes that use them to oppress people, and you’re asking “what is wrong with that?” Just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean it’s right.

      Asking why we don’t protest about a different issue is not a valid criticism of this campaign. And in any case, you picked an example that is particularly relevant: The mining you refer to takes place in the Democratic Republic of Congo (not Uganda) and the tens of thousands of girls & women who are raped there, are raped at gunpoint.

      So I guess there’s another answer to your question “what is wrong with arms trade”: Guns are tools of rape.

  • Dakota

    TBQH It looks like a pro-H&K poster, like a sort of “get your shit outta here” poster

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