Heckler & Koch hides from Citizens' Audit

On 21st December 2009, anti-arms-trade campaigners wrote to Nottingham-based arms company Heckler & Koch outlining their grave concerns about the company’s business activities, including the supply of weapons to repressive regimes. The open letter asked H&K to account for its dodgy dealings and provide assurances that its weapons would not be used to commit human […] […]

Protesters march 25ft gun to Heckler & Koch

At mid-day on Friday November 13th, around 25 anti-arms-trade protesters gathered in the Arboretum park in Nottingham to take part in a unique, eye-catching demonstration against local arms company Heckler & Koch. A 25-foot long model of a H&K weapon had been built from a frame of willow wood, covered and painted black, and bearing the […] […]

Demo at German HQ of Nottingham arms company

Four activists from Nottingham travelled to Germany to take part in a demonstration against arms company Heckler & Koch at the company’s international HQ in March. H&K is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of small arms, and its guns are used throughout the world; from Darfur to Iraq, from Nigeria to Nepal. […] […]

Full Circle demonstration

To highlight the link between the arms trade and refugees, and to call for an end to the exporting of arms and the deportation of asylum seekers, Shut Down H&K and No Borders Nottingham held a demonstration called FULL CIRCLE on Saturday 29th November 2008 on Nottingham’s Old Market Square. […]

FULL CIRCLE - from weapons to wars to refugees


Water pistol demo at Heckler & Koch

July’s monthly demo against arms company Heckler & Koch had a theme: To represent H&K’s products, protesters brought guns to the picket. There were several shootings, and protesters even staged an “execution” by firing squad! Of course these guns were super-soakers, and the victims suffered nothing worse than soggy clothes. But beside the fun there was […] […]

June demo at Heckler & Koch

On Tuesday June 10th around 40 protesters returned to Lenton Lane to picket arms company Heckler & Koch. Protesters were entertained by music in the sunshine while distributing hundreds of leaflets to workers and passers by. […]

Demo launches campaign against Heckler & Koch

On Tuesday May 6th around 70 people staged a demonstration against arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch‘s Nottingham-based sales HQ. The aim of this demonstration was threefold – to expose the company’s location, to publicise the unethical nature of its business, and to launch a campaign to shut it down. Protesters of all ages gathered in the […] […]

Arms company exposed in Nottingham

When the national Disarm DSEi campaign called for a day of action against the arms trade, the target for the Nottingham group was obvious. The city is home to Heckler & Koch – the world’s second-biggest manufacturer of small arms, which will be touting for customers at DSEi. As most locals were unaware of the […] […]

Protesters target BAE Systems

On Thursday 4th May 2000, Nottingham activists representing the Campaign Against the Arms Trade held two demonstrations at the BAE Systems Royal Ordnance Factory on King’s Meadow Road. The ROF houses the manufacturing facility of BAE’s small arms subsidiary Heckler & Koch. BAE Systems recently won a contract to supply 600 000 Heckler & Koch assault […] […]