Nottingham anti-arms-trade activist convicted

On May 20th at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court, anti-arms-trade activist Kirk Jackson was found guilty of aggravated trespass for his part in a protest that shut down an arms company for a day. He was given a twelve month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £350 court costs. The charge arose from a February 18th protest at […] […]

H&K Shut Down For A Day

The international sales office of arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch was shut down on Thursday 18th February by anti-arms-trade activists. The six activists arrived at H&K’s Nottingham warehouse building before any employees turned up. Using D-locks and arm-tubes, one pair locked themselves to the staff entrance while another pair blockaded the goods gate. Meanwhile the other […] […]

Heckler & Koch hides from Citizens' Audit

On 21st December 2009, anti-arms-trade campaigners wrote to Nottingham-based arms company Heckler & Koch outlining their grave concerns about the company’s business activities, including the supply of weapons to repressive regimes. The open letter asked H&K to account for its dodgy dealings and provide assurances that its weapons would not be used to commit human […] […]

Police give H&K guns to children

Police are giving young children Heckler & Koch guns to handle at community events in England. At a recent summer fete in east London, the Met ran a stall displaying a H&K MP5 submachine gun. Children as young as seven were allowed to pose for photos holding the police weapon, which has a firing rate […] […]

Arms company exposed in Nottingham

When the national Disarm DSEi campaign called for a day of action against the arms trade, the target for the Nottingham group was obvious. The city is home to Heckler & Koch – the world’s second-biggest manufacturer of small arms, which will be touting for customers at DSEi. As most locals were unaware of the […] […]

Activists threatened with anti-terror law

On Tuesday afternoon two people were detained for 45 minutes by six police officers (including two armed officers) and threatened with arrest under the Terrorism Act. Their crime? Buzzing the doorbell of Heckler & Koch‘s Nottingham office. The pair were released without charge. […]

Protesters target BAE Systems

On Thursday 4th May 2000, Nottingham activists representing the Campaign Against the Arms Trade held two demonstrations at the BAE Systems Royal Ordnance Factory on King’s Meadow Road. The ROF houses the manufacturing facility of BAE’s small arms subsidiary Heckler & Koch. BAE Systems recently won a contract to supply 600 000 Heckler & Koch assault […] […]